Martini Tom

2010 Mangusta
Finish:  11th Place
Points: 10 

Partner:  Turbo
Score:  72
Rank 1st
Points:  10 

Partner:  Jonny “Meat” Rocket
Scores:  100, 97, 91
Rank 6
Points:  0 

Beer Drinking
Partner:  The Chicken Slayer
Time:  3:19
Rank:  7th
Points:  0

Partner:  Jonny “Meat” Rocket
Record:  2-5
Rank:  8
Points:  0

1 Response to Martini Tom

  1. Thomas (Martini Tom) Dalla Palu says:

    Let’s get it right. 6′ 0″ tall and 185 LBS not 200 lbs. I not a fatty like A–m
    Also let get the ages of the contestants on record
    New entrant for next year is Andy Sollenberger—-e-mail address is
    Pole dancers for next year would be good

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