When:  August 14, 2010.  18:30
Where:  Ed’s House
Description:  9 game round robin tournament.  Best overall record wins. 

Names drawn at random to create teams of 2.  Each team will play in a 7 game round robin tournament challenging each other team once.  Final scores of each game shall be recorded by the winner and verified by the loser.  The team with the best record will determine the winner.  Any ties will be broken by the score of heads up play.  Any 3 way tie will be decided by overall point differential.  The top 5 teams will be awarded points accordingly.  Any and all disputes will be handled by The MANGUSTA organizers, all decisions final.  Understanding there are several variations and “house rules” with regard to quoits, The MANGUSTA will be adhering to the following rules:

  1. Distance between hubs (pins) is 18 feet.
  2. Choose who will throw first. All following first pitches are made by the player who scores on the previous pitch.
  3. All pitching is alternated. At no time shall a player make two successive pitches.
  4. Players forward foot must not extend beyond the board.
  5. As soon as a quoit touches the ground it is considered dead and does not count.
  6. Should a quoit hit the ground and then go onto the board and disturb other quoits, that quoit ring should be removed and the disturbed quoits replaced to their original position.
  7. The quoit nearest the hub (pin) counts as one point in scoring. In the event a player has two quoits nearer the hub than either quoit ring of his opponent, he scores two points. (1 for each quoit)
  8. If a “leaner” is made it counts as only one point. (a leaner is a quoit which rests on top or against the hub).
  9. A properly thrown quoit landing on the slate board or plastic board that bounces and turns upside down shall be considered a female quoit and does not keep its scoring value.
  10. Should a player make a ringer and also have thrown a quoit ring nearer the hub (pin) than his opponent, he shall receive four points. (three points for the ringer and one point for the closest quoit)
  11. If a quoit is half on the board and half off shall be considered “daylight” and will keep its scoring value.
  12. Each ringer pitched counts as three points, except when
    1. When some player pitches two ringers, one directly on top of the other, six points are counted.
    2. When first player pitches a ringer, which is topped by opponent, the opponent receives 3 points.
    3. When first player pitches a ringer, which is topped by opponent, and then again topped by first player, the last ringer made counts as 3 points for the first player.
    4. When 4 ringers are made, the player pitching the last ringer wins the game.
  13. 21 points wins the game.  Winner must win by 2.  11-0 shall constitute a skunk and the team with 11 points wins.

2010 Results:

Player Wins Loses Rank Points
Mr Pink 2 5 7 0
Mr Clean 0
The Bartender 2 5 6 0
The Sweater Chest 0
P Squared 4 3 4 4
“=sum(chad)>cool 4
The Chicken Slayer 4 3 3 6
Geo 6
The Host 6 1 2 8
Husky 8
The Ringer 2 5 5 2
Turbo 2
Jonny “Meat” Rocket 2 5 8 0
Martini Tom 0
The Fire Starter 6 1 1 10
Number Two 10

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