The Original 16 MANGUSTA Participants

One balmy summer night, the beers were flowing and testosterone infused logic soon followed.  This sparked a great debate as to which Man was superior to all others at some of the most popular leisure sports.  While that night did not declare a decisive winner, it did foster the creation of an event that would.  Pen and paper in hand, some of the greatest leisure sport athletes of our time drew up an event that would ultimately decide which Man was superior to all others.  And so, The Mangusta was born.

Over several beers and a bottle of whisky, it was decided that The Mangusta must test the will of even the greatest leisure sport athlete; taking place over an entire day, across 4 events leaving no mercy for the weak.

And so in 2010, 16 leisure sport athletes participated in the first annual MANGUSTA featuring challenges in the leisure sports of Golf, Bowling, Beer Drinking and Quoits.  Teams of 2 were randomly picked and competed against each other with points awarded to the top 5 teams of each event.  The 2010 Mangusta Winner was determined by the Man with the most cumulative points at the end of competition.  The Mangusta Champion is to be held in the highest regard by his piers and immortalized forever on a trophy bearing his name.  Think you are Man enough?  Enter today and join your friends for a day that will surely go down in infamy.

What’s not to like?

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