The 2011 Results


When:  August 20, 2011.  08:00 (shotgun start)
Where:  Woodbridge Golf Course
Description:  2 Man Scramble, 2 mulligans/team, winter rules.  Low net wins.


When:  August 20, 2011  14:00 (bowling begins)
Where:  The Rose Bowl.
Description:  Teams of two.  Two teams/lane.  3 games.  High net wins.

Beer Drinking:

When:  August 20, 2011.  17:30
Where:  Ed’s House
Description:  6 Pabst Blue Ribbons/team of 2.  Just you and the can.  Low time wins.


When:  August 20, 2011.  18:30
Where:  Ed’s House
Description:  Random Drawing, Bracket Style Tournament.  Double Elimination.


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