The sole purpose of this day is to celebrate our leisure sport athleticism and crown the greatest amongst us.  In order for it to be a seamless event, everyone is expected to abide by these general guidelines:

1)      NO DRINKING AND DRIVING.  Everyone must take the transportation provided.  Drinking and driving will NOT be tolerated.  That said, not drinking so you can drive will not be tolerated either.

2)      LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND.  Everyone must participate in all four events.  In the event a participant can not continue because of reasons within and/or outside his control, it will be up to the remaining participants to harass and guilt him into continuing.  16 will start the day, 16 will finish the day. 

3)      NO CHEATING.  Everyone is expected to adhere by the rules laid out within each particular event.  Anyone caught cheating will be evicted from this and all future MANGUSTA’s.  Everyone is expected to play with ethics and nothing less will be tolerated.

4)      DRINK UP.  While The MANGUSTA organizers can not force anyone to drink, should anyone be found trying to “save themselves” for the beer drinking event, your chances of being invited back to subsequent MANGUSTA’s will certainly be compromised.  As much as we will encourage MANGUSTA participants to pace themselves, we will discourage them from acting like a pussy.  This day is about having a good time FIRST, winning the thing SECOND. 

5)      YOU BREAK IT, YOU BUY IT.  We fully expect this day to be nothing less than debauchery.   You are in this year’s MANGUSTA because you’ve been chosen as someone that can find the balance between fun drunk and stupid drunk.  If you get stupid drunk and cause harm, damages or otherwise, you will be held solely responsible for your actions. 

6)      DON’T MISS THE BUS.  All times below are firm with the corresponding venues and bus company.  We need to keep the pace of play throughout all events in order to stay within the allotted times; specifically the bus times and budget.  Should we go over the allotted time/budget we will have to charge participants the extra money charged to The MANGUSTA organizers.

7)      DON’T BE A BITCH.  All scoring, rules, judgments and decisions of the day’s events will be at the discretion of the event organizers.  All decisions final.

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