When:  August 14, 2010.  08:45 (first tee time) – 13:30 (bus leaves for bowling)
Where:  Iron Lakes Golf Course
Description:  2 Man Scramble, 2 mulligans/team, winter rules.  Low net wins.

Names will be drawn at random to create teams of 2.  2 teams of 2 players will create each foursome across 4 foursomes.  Each foursome will be given a tee time starting at 08:45.  The format will be 2 Man scramble and 2 mulligan/TEAM will be given- NO MORE.  We will be playing “winter rules” which means every player is allowed 1 club length relief for all shots but you CAN NOT improve your lie.  Each foursome is responsible for monitoring ethical play of all participants.  Any cheating or breaking of the aforementioned rules will be disqualified for this event and blackballed from all future MANGUSTA’s.  Low score determines winner.  The top 5 teams will be awarded points accordingly.  Any ties will be decided per golf hole difficulty.  Every team of 2 is expected to take the scores of their respective foursome meaning each foursome will hand in 2 scorecards to ensure accuracy.  Any and all disputes will be handled by The MANGUSTA organizers, all decisions final.

2010 Results:

Golfer Golf Scores Rank Points
P Squared     0
“=sum(chad)>cool 79 6 0
The Host     8
Geo 72.5 2 8
The Fire Starter     0
The Bartender 79.5 7 0
The Ringer     6
Jonny “Meat” Rocket 73 3 6
Martini Tom     10
Turbo 72 1 10
The Chicken Slayer     4
Husky 78 4 4
Number Two     0
The Sweater Chest 106 8 0
Mr Pink     2
Mr Clean 78.5 5 2

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