The MANGUSTA Waiver of Liability:

By participating in The MANGUSTA all participants must sign off on the following:

Waiver of Liability: In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in THE MANGUSTA, I do hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue THE MANGUSTA, its organizers and fellow competitors from liability from any and all claims including the negligence of THE MANGUSTA, its organizers and fellow competitors, resulting in personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), embarrassment, humiliation, liver damage and property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in THE MANGUSTA.

Assumption of Risks: Participation in THE MANGUSTA carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary from one activity to another, but the risks range from 1) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains 2) major injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks, and concussions to 3) catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death.  I hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all such risks.


Acknowledgment of Understanding: I have read this waiver of liability and assumption of risk, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend by my signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

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