Beer Drinking

When:  August 14, 2010.  17:30
Where:  Ed’s House
Description:  6 Pabst Blue Ribbons/team of 2.  Just you and the can.  Low time wins. 

Names will be drawn at random to create teams of 2.  Each team will be given a 6-pack of chilled Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) Light beer.  NOTE: After countless hours of research, The MANGUSTA organizers have determined PBR Light to be the quintessential all day drinking beer and therefore no other beer substitutes will be allowed.  NO OTHER drinking vessel including cups, beer bongs, and funnels will be allowed.  No outside tool or instrument may be used to supplement or alter the can (i.e. no shot gunning).  It’s just you and the can, man.  Each team will be given no less than 5 minutes with their beer to optimize their preferred beer temperature. 

Team of two will challenge another team of two with the remaining participants watching.  Teams on deck will be given stop watches to record time till all teams have a recorded time rounded to the nearest 100th of a second.  All other onlookers will be assigned to check for spillage and any other shenanigans.  At the official start, only then can the respective teams open their beer(s) and consume it as fast as they can.  Minor dripping will be allowed though each infraction of “spillage” will be assessed a time penalty of 30 seconds (up to one penalty/beer or 6 penalties total).  What determines a drip vs. spill will be at the digression of the onlookers and The MANGUSTA organizers.  Puking is allowed with no penalty so long as the beer was consumed.  Puking unconsumed beer will constitute a spill.  Each team of two must consume all 6 beverages in any number, order or fashion they see fit.  While subtle foam left in the can will be expected, any substantial quantity of beer left over (at the discretion of onlookers and The MANGUSTA organizers) will be assessed a 30 second spill penalty.  In the event there is a tie, a heads up, one beer/person beer chugging contest will break the tie.  Any cheating or breaking of the aforementioned rules will be disqualified for this event and all future MANGUSTA’s.  The top 5 teams will be awarded points accordingly.  In the event less than 5 teams actually finish the challenge, only those who finish all 6 beers will be rewarded points.  Any and all disputes will be handled by The MANGUSTA organizers, all decisions final.

2010 Results:

  Time MM:SS Rank Points
The Bartender     0
The Sweater Chest 2:39 6 0
The Fire Starter     2
Number Two 2:08 5 2
P Squared     4
The Host 1:46 4 4
Jonny “Meat” Rocket   0
Geo 5:03 8 0
Turbo     8
The Ringer 1:24 2 8
Husky     6
Mr Clean 1:33 3 6
The Chicken Slayer   0
Martini Tom 3:19 7 0
“=sum(chad)>cool   10
Mr Pink 1:16 1 10

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