The 2014 Draft

Reminder:  This Thursday The DRAFT is taking place at Geo’s House.  Meet and greet starts at 7:00 PM and we’ll start drawing names by 8:00.  There is a pool and we’ll have plenty of beer and food on hand so bring your swim suits and appetites.

Here is how The DRAFT works:

1)  Everyone gets assigned a number (see below)

2)  We drink a beer, randomly pick a number from the wheel of death and fill in the draft sheet.  Repeat until all spots are filled.

3)  By the end of the night, everyone gets a partner, an abundance of confidence and the misguided notion that they will become the next MANGUSTA champion.  If you are unable to attend, draft results will be posted online.  Good Luck!

Number Nickname
1 Balloons
2 Husky
3 Geo
4 Flip
5 Number Two
6 Bubbles
7 Damer
8 Tennessee
9 Mr Clean
10 Uncle Fester
11 Ballsack
12 Pauly Walnuts
13 Blutarsky
14 ROY
15 The Accountant
16 The Wonder Boy
17 Snooki
18 Sweater Chest
19 Turbo
20 PegaZeus
21 The Pocket Pussy
22 Common Sense
23 The Chicken Slayer
24 The Gentleman
25 Double D’s
26 Yiffy!
27 Victim 10
28 The Architect
29 Gonzo Shitcock
30 The Ash Man
31 The Undertaker
32 Fog Horn Leg Horn
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